Kenroy Home Cubist Outdoor Fountain For Cheap
  • Saturday , 23 December 2017


Kenroy Home Cubist Outdoor Fountain

Kenroy Home Cubist Outdoor Fountain
August 16, 2017

Ordered this Kenroy Home Cubist Outdoor Fountain for my 18 year old daughter via Qvc Promo Codes Prime 1 day and received it the very next day just in time for this winter stormy Saturday. She texted me while I was at work with this pic and #loveit. I was ecstatic because she's very picky and I bought it without even asking her opinion. She put it on as soon as it was delivered and went on her way to work. I inspected when she got home and found it to be of good quality.

Kenroy Home Cubist Outdoor Fountain Product Description

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Date first available at Qvc Promo Codes: September 7, 2017

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Kenroy Home Cubist Outdoor Fountain Additional Information

Size Neck Chest Arm


12.4-12.7 29.4-30.4 28.4


12.7-13 31.7-32.7 30.7


12.1-12.6 33.1-34.1 32.1


13.2-13.5 34.2-37.2 31.2

M Tall

12.9-13.2 33.9-34.9 32.9


12-12.4 29-30 28

L Tall

13.4-13.7 32.4-33.4 31.4


12-12.5 33-36 30

XL Tall

11.5-11.8 28.5-31.5 25.5


11.7-12.1 28.7-31.7 25.7


12-12.5 29-30 28

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